Bulletin No. 18 (82) 2021


Bulletin No. 18 (82) 2021 

Table of contents 

A New Criminal Case In Education And Its Political Fallout
    Marina Rakova’s Allies And Foes
    Rotenberg’s Footprint
    Shaninka As Collateral Damage
    Inter-Elite Political Split: Progressives Vs. Siloviki

Reshuffles In The Presidential Administration
    Seryshev’s Demotion
    Mironov’s Promotion
    A New Yaroslavl Region Governor

The Russian-American Relationship
    Victoria Nuland’s Visit
    Anti-American But Pro-Biden

The Critical Covid Situation In Russia
    Bad Numbers
    The Politics Behind The Epidemiological Crisis

In Brief
(i) Emerging Polarisation
(ii) Losing Scientists, Cutting Funds



The next bulletin will be issued on 9th November 2021. 



Writing and analysis: Tatiana Stanovaya

Editing: Samantha Berkhead, Felix Light


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