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Tatiana Stanovaya

Tatiana Stanovaya

A pillar of R.Politik

Tatiana Stanovaya, the founder and lead analyst of R.Politik, stands as a recognized authority on Russian politics. With her deep-rooted experience in Moscow's think tank sphere, she frequently contributes to the international media landscape and is a trusted source for journalists globally.

Born in Moscow in 1978, Tatiana's journey into political analysis began during her university days. In 1998, her analytical prowess led her to join steel giant Severstal. Her journey then took her to the PR agency Tels-Media, which maintained a close working relationship with Severstal. 2003 marked a significant shift in her career when she joined the Centre for Political Technologies, one of Russia's foremost and oldest think tanks in post-Soviet Russia. Her contributions were swiftly recognized, and she was entrusted with leading their analytical department. In this capacity, she engaged with foreign diplomats, top-tier Russian officials from the Presidential Administration, government, and regional bodies, and collaborated with eminent business entities including Novatek, Sberbank, Avtovaz, and others. Amidst these endeavours, she earned her MA in Public Administration from Moscow State University.

In 2010, Tatiana relocated to France but continued her association with the Centre for Political Technologies. Her vision for an independent, clear-eyed analysis platform culminated in the founding of R.Politik in March 2018. By June 2019, she had associated with the Moscow Carnegie Center as a nonresident scholar. However, in the turbulent aftermath of Russia's initiation of the war against Ukraine in 2022, which led to the Moscow Center's closure, Tatiana found her new academic home in 2023 at the Berlin-based Russian Eurasia Carnegie Center, where she serves as a senior fellow.

Her insights have graced the columns of many leading Russian and international publications, with features in The Washington Post, The Guardian, NPR, Le Figaro, The Wall Street Journal, AFP, Reuters, and Foreign Policy, to name a few.

The R.Politik team comprises dedicated editors, interns, and staff members, all working cohesively to maintain our website's excellence and ensure seamless CRM operations.


Joshua R. Kroeker

An editor and analyst at R.Politik

Joshua R. Kroeker focuses on both Russian and Ukrainian domestic politics and foreign policy. Joshua is a historian and political scientist, holding degrees from the University of British Columbia in Canada, Heidelberg University in Germany, and St. Petersburg State University in Russia. Joshua works as an analyst, geopolitical and security consultant, and editor. He also founded the boutique consultancy Reaktion Group in 2023. Joshua speaks fluent English, German, and Russian and his writing has been featured in a number of international publications.


Francis Kirk

An editor at R.Politik

Francis Kirk is a writer and editor at R.Politik. He holds a master’s degree in War Studies from King’s College London and has a strong interest in Russian history, which he developed over the course of several years spent living and working in Moscow. He is currently based in Berlin, undertaking a PhD.

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