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    Established in 2018 by Tatiana Stanovaya, R.Politik is dedicated to delivering unerringly objective and analytical insights into Russian politics for discerning professionals.

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    Our operations are solely sustained by our subscriber community, ensuring our independence from grants, government funding, or any contributions with potential political biases.

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    While we welcome all subscribers, our editorial independence is sacrosanct — no external influence can dictate our topic selection, analytical nuances, tone, or content. This unwavering integrity is at the core of our operations.

We endeavour to demystify the intricacies of the Russian political landscape

By unveiling the rationale behind major trends and key players, we aspire to equip our professional audience with foresight, preparing them for possible future events and scenarios.

Our lens specifically captures elite power struggles, the decision-making processes at both federal and regional levels, and the dynamics of pivotal political terminations and nominations.

Whether you're an analyst, academic, diplomat, or executive, R.Politik aims to be your indispensable compass in navigating Russia's multifaceted political and business terrains.

The nomenclature ‘R.Politik’ encapsulates our commitment to real-world political analysis over conjecture or rhetoric. This name draws inspiration from Realpolitik; mirroring the pragmatic German political doctrine, our analyses are meticulously crafted, devoid of ideological bias or personal inclinations.

— Our mission

is to present a lucid understanding of major political trends and the motivations of principal actors.

— Our research

is grounded in three pillars:

  • traditional media

  • social networks

  • our invaluable contacts within Russia

While most of our content emanates from the pen of Tatiana Stanovaya, given the complex climate surrounding Russia, we are intensifying our collaboration with the Russian expert community—those who, despite challenges, remain steadfastly anchored in Russia.

Who we serve

  • Policymakers & Diplomats

  • Business & Finance

  • Think Tanks & Academia

  • NGOs