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R.Politik delivers incisive, unbiased analysis of Russian affairs that rivals the quality of intelligence briefings. Our methodology adheres to the rigorous standards that you would expect from a top-tier intelligence agency.

Unlike standard reports, which may offer a limited or skewed perspective, our bulletins provide a holistic view of Russia's political landscape. We draw upon an extensive network of reliable Russian sources to authenticate our insights, elevating the quality and depth of your understanding.

This makes our Bulletin not just an additional resource but an essential tool for policy-making teams dealing with Russia. Whether you are a diplomat stationed in Moscow or a senior official shaping foreign policy, R.Politik equips you with nuanced insights that are often not available even through conventional intelligence channels. In a world where understanding Russia is vital, we stand unmatched.

Why Choose Us

R.Politik's analysis is a critical asset for policymakers, facilitating well-informed decisions rooted in a nuanced grasp of complex situations.

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    Our insights enable proactive strategy, letting decision-makers anticipate and respond to evolving international scenarios with precision.

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    Our bulletins serve as exclusive dossiers on Russian politics, offering a consolidated narrative rarely seen in mainstream outlets. Amidst today's information clutter, we provide a focused lens to understand underlying geopolitical dynamics. Neutral in stance and devoid of ideological bias, we distinguish between public rhetoric and actual intent.

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    Authored by an incisive observer deeply in tune with political currents, our analysis transcends mere reporting. It offers a multi-dimensional view of Russian politics, enriching strategic planning and predictive foresight.

Client Testimonials


Three distinct features set the R.Politik Bulletin apart from other analytical publications on Russian domestic and foreign politics. First, it offers a well-curated selection of key events that truly warrant an observer’s attention, captured in a comprehensive and accurate synthesis that leaves no stone unturned. Second, the analysis it provides is intricate, nuanced, and impartial, steering clear of imposing any ideologically or politically driven narratives. Lastly, the depth and range of sources used are impressively diverse and skilfully integrated into the content. The author’s personal interviews with key figures in Moscow and abroad add an invaluable layer to the Bulletin, making it an indispensable tool even for experts closely following Russian politics.

Tatiana Jean, IFRI

What sets R.Politik apart is its unmatched depth of expertise, timely coverage, and nuanced context. With R.Politik, you gain insights into not just what is happening in Russian politics, but also why it's happening. The team offers invaluable perspectives on the backgrounds and motivations of key decision-makers across various sectors—be it in business, government, or their personal lives. This level of contextual analysis empowers government readers to see beyond headlines, shedding light on the broader currents and trends that shape Russian politics.

Anonymous western diplomat

Since 2020, the EU Delegation has consistently relied on R.Politik's bulletins as an invaluable resource for insights into the intricacies of Russian politics. Each edition offers timely coverage of the most pressing developments, sometimes even those occurring mere hours before publication. R.Politik’s network of sources within Russia enhances the richness and depth of their analyses. The EU Delegation to Russia strongly recommends R.Politik's bulletins to all who closely follow Russian affairs, including diplomatic missions based in Moscow.

EU Delegation to Russia

The bulletin enriches our political perspectives and enhances our understanding of current socio-economic dynamics and other domestic affairs inside Russia. Drawing from a multitude of sources, it provides an invaluable cross-section of political forecasting that clarifies the decision-making process.

Kesarev, Leading Public Affairs Advisory in Russia, Belarus, and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)

I find R.Politik to be an essential resource for understanding the Russian political environment and assessing potential business risks. The bulletin has been instrumental in providing my company with nuanced and credible insights. I highly recommend R.Politik to anyone seeking answers to the key analytical question: ‘Why does this matter to the company?’

Analyst, Global Tech Company

R.Politik serves as a nuanced and sobering lens through which to view Russian politics. It provides invaluable insights into the Kremlin’s actions, public sentiment, and key political and economic trends. What sets R.Politik apart is its acute focus on the thoughts and actions of Russia’s technocratic elites, especially how they navigate current challenges. I’m not aware of any other resource that delivers this level of detail, backed by highly reliable first-hand sources, on a consistent basis. While R.Politik wisely refrains from making predictions, it shapes our expectations effectively, enabling us to align our civil society-focused work accordingly. Its unique blend of detailed analysis, insightful overviews, and impeccable sourcing makes it an indispensable resource for any organization focused on Russia or the broader region.

A Staff Member of an International NGO

The Russia Studies Program at CNA has been using R.Politik for several years now. R.Politik provides deep coverage of a wide range of issues, primarily on domestic politics, but also on economic trends and interactions with key foreign powers. We have found that Tatiana Stanovaya’s analysis of Russian politics and foreign policy provides unmatched insights into internal deliberations in the Kremlin and the decision-making process overall.


R.Politik’s bulletins are my go-to source for understanding Russia’s elite and political dynamics, particularly in times when accurate information is scarce or clouded by conflicts. Your impartial, comprehensive analysis is second to none and has become an indispensable resource in my work.

Natasha Groom, Senior Director, Inter Mediate

I have been a subscriber to R.Politik since the beginning of 2018, and I am very satisfied with it. I think it is very different compared to other media. First of all, it is very specific, particularly on elites and ruling circles, and therefore it allows us to penetrate the world of a fairly impenetrable country, the world of the Russian ruling elite. The value of R.Politik is not only that it offers good analysis but also that the analysis is sourced from real insider sources. I believe that this is what makes the difference in the quality of R.Politik’s analyses.

Régis Genté, journalist (Caucasus, Central Asia, Russia)

R.Politik’s analysis is consistently top-tier—informative, perceptive, thought-provoking, and exceptionally well-researched. The quality of the bulletin is consistently outstanding, making it an indispensable resource for my work. I wholeheartedly recommend R.Politik to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of current and future developments in Russia.

Representative, Consulting Company

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  • Achieve a clear, comprehensive understanding of unfolding situations.

  • Uncover the rationale behind policymakers' decisions.

  • Access distilled, exclusive analyses that surpass the depth and scope of any open-source material.

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