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The R.Politik Weekly Digest was launched in September 2023 as a result of high demand for a more frequent and brief review of Russian political events. It is dispatched every Monday. 

This digest provides sharp analyses, focusing on the week's current events by elucidating their implications and delivering contextual interpretations. It condenses comprehensive information into concise summaries, aiming to supplement the Bulletin's content and its thorough examination of more substantial developments.

On our website, readers can freely access Digests that are more than three months old. For more recent issues, a subscription is required.

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May 2024

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R.Politik Weekly Digest No. 20 (34) 2024May 27, 2024
Putin in Belarus; The Battle Around the June Peace Conference in Switzerland; The Reshuffle in Chechnya; Veterans Entering Politics.
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R.Politik Weekly Digest No. 19 (33) 2024May 20, 2024
Offensive in Kharkiv region; The “New” Military Establishment; A New Head for Russian Customs; New Governors in Five Regions
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R.Politik Weekly Digest No. 18 (32) 2024May 13, 2024
Governmental Reshuffles; Putin’s Inauguration; 9 May Celebration; Bosch and Ariston’s Russian Assets Transferred to Gazprom; First of May - No Peace; Lavrichev’s Arrest

April 2024

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R.Politik Weekly Digest No. 17 (31) 2024April 28, 2024
Timur Ivanov’s arrest; the RSPP congress; New Extremists; Journalists arrested
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R.Politik Weekly Digest No. 16 (30) 2024April 21, 2024
Withdrawal from Nagorno Karabakh; Kadyrov’s Conflict with Dagestan; Rosspirtprom Sold; Political Party discussions
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R.Politik Weekly Digest No. 15 (29) 2024April 15, 2024
Flooding in the Orenburg Region; Nabiullina’s Report to the State Duma; Sanctions Against Fridman and Aven; The Istanbul Agreements