R.Politik was founded in 2018 as a project designed for people who care about general political trends in Russia, and who are also interested in details of conflicts within the elites, foreign and domestic policies decision-making mechanisms, and specific reasons for political appointments.

We picked the title R.Politik to underline its focus on Russian political realities.  This is also a reference to the German tradition of Realpolitik; our analytical approach rejects ideological elements or prejudice.

Our analysis and comments will exclude preferences or prejudices toward the leading personalities in our reports, as well as any pro- or anti-Kremlin bias.  We don’t pass judgment, but seek to illuminate the essence of the events.

We also would like to stress that given Russian interventions in the domestic affairs of other countries, R. Politik project has no ties whatever to the Russian government, to parastatal financial entities or media close to the Kremlin.

The project has no investors, no sponsors, and no patrons. Its only source of funding is its subscribers.

R.Politik is an international English-language project. The audience we target is government agencies, NGOs, international organizations, and big business across multiple countries.

R.Politik’s main office is in France.