R.Politik was founded in 2018 by Tatiana Stanovaya as an analytical platform to shed much needed light on Russian foreign and domestic politics. Above all, we focus on elite infighting, the mechanisms of decision-making at a federal and regional level, and the reasoning behind key political appointments.


The name ‘R.Politik’ was chosen to exemplify our engagement with political reality — rather than lazy speculation or polemical interpretation. Our name is also a reference to Realpolitik: like this German political tradition, our analysis strives to be free of ideology and personal prejudice.


We are not advocates for individuals within the Russian political establishment, and we do not seek to pass judgement. Our sole aim is to explain.


R.Politik’s flagship product is its bi-monthly bulletin, which drills down on the workings of Russian government and provides a solid base for political forecasting. The bulletin analyses both recent events and broader trends, while focusing on the following topics:


  • Infighting among political elites
  • Geopolitics, foreign policy & ‘active measures’
  • Energy policy & elite engagement in the energy sector
  • The internal dynamics of the military and the security services
  • Putin’s personal priorities
  • The interplay of economic & social issues with domestic policy
  • Significant criminal cases & their political ramifications
  • Elections, approval ratings & salient sociological data
  • Economic & political developments in the Russian Arctic
  • Domestic policy ‘overseers’ in the Kremlin & the opposition
  • The ‘2024 problem’ facing Putin and the elite
  • Major political parties (the Communist Party & the Liberal Democrat Party)
  • Staffing decisions at the leading state-owned companies

While the bulletin is our main focus, R.Politik is also looking at expanding into consulting and the provision of client-tailored analysis.