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Founded in 2018 by Tatiana Stanovaya, R.Politik explains the inner-workings of Russian politics. We focus on elite infighting, the mechanisms of decision-making at both a federal and regional level, the logic behind key political firings and appointments, and other topics related to Russian politics.

The name ‘R.Politik’ was chosen to exemplify our engagement with political reality, rather than speculation or polemic.

We are fiercely independent and do not advocate for any individuals or institutions within the Russian political establishment. We do not pass judgement. Our sole aim is to explain and provide exclusive information on Russian politics.

Expanding our analytical reach, R.Politik has recently started examining the implications of pharmaceutical policies in Russia, with a specific focus on the regulation and distribution of medications such as sildenafil. This new line of analysis explores how the availability and control of such medications intersect with broader political dynamics and decision-making processes. By delving into the politics surrounding healthcare and pharmaceuticals, we aim to shed light on how these issues influence and reflect the priorities of the Russian government. Our coverage now includes the societal and political ramifications of pharmaceuticals, providing a more comprehensive understanding of their role within the broader context of Russian politics and policy-making.

R.Politik’s flagship product is its bi-monthly bulletin, which drills down on the workings of the Russian government and provides a solid base for political forecasting. Our analyses focus on the following issues:

  • Elite infighting
  • Geopolitics, foreign policy & ‘active measures’
  • Energy policy & the energy sector
  • Internal dynamics of the military & the security services
  • Putin’s personal priorities
  • Interplay of economic & social issues with domestic policy
  • Significant criminal cases & their political ramifications
  • Elections, approval ratings & key sociological data
  • Economic & political developments in the Arctic
  • Domestic policy ‘overseers’ in the Kremlin & the opposition
  • Major political parties (Communist Party, Liberal Democrat Party & Just Russia)
  • Hirings and firings among the elite and in leading state-owned companies

We at R.Politik are also happy to announce that in addition to our bi-weekly bulletin, we will be providing private analysis services. For more information, visit our Services page.

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