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The Bulletin
The Digest
Our premium product offers in-depth insight into Russian politics, covering both current developments and longer-term trends. We base much of our content on Moscow sources
A concise weekly summary that highlights key events, offering clarity on their significance and context
Each Bulletin is made up of approximately 10,000 words in three sections:
  • Events: Latest political happenings
  • Actors: Analysis of political figures on the rise or decline
  • Processes: Upcoming political and economic trends.
While not as extensive as The Bulletin, it distils crucial details into a concise format
  • The Digest focuses on essential events
  • Condensing detailed information into digestible briefs, presenting an overview of the Russian political scene
The Bulletin is issued on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, except in August. We also release special reports in response to significant events, such as wars or major political shifts.
Released every Monday, with occasional exceptions.
Ideal for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of Russian politics, wanting exclusive insights into decision-making, trends, interactions, and the logic behind them. All subscribers to The Bulletin will gain complimentary access to the R.Politik Weekly Digest, ensuring they remain updated with both in-depth and weekly snapshots of Russian politics.
The Digest is tailored for those who need quick, clear summaries of the latest developments in a brief and unbiased manner.
Custom research & analysis

As one of the world’s leading analytical firms concentrated on Russia and the Eastern European region, R.Politik can get you the answers you require.

If you are in need of analyses related to Russia and the region, Russian domestic or foreign politics, on matters of energy or security, or others, please send us an inquiry at rpolitik@rpolitik.com.

Inquiries will be considered on a case-by-case basis, depending on R.Politik’s capacity, the length and scope of the analysis required, and other factors. Details, including subject, deadlines, and remuneration will be agreed upon individually with each customer. R.Politik’s team will work to provide you with discreet, exclusive, expert information.

What We Are Looking At

  • Elite infighting
  • Geopolitics, foreign policy & ‘active measures’
  • Energy policy & the energy sector
  • Internal dynamics of the military & the security services
  • Putin’s personal priorities
  • Interplay of economic & social issues with domestic policy
  • Significant criminal cases & their political ramifications
  • Elections, approval ratings & key sociological data
  • Economic & political developments in the Arctic
  • Domestic policy ‘overseers’ in the Kremlin & the opposition
  • Major political parties (Communist Party, Liberal Democrat Party & Just Russia)
  • Hirings and firings among the elite and in leading state-owned companies

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