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For Think Tanks

Originally, R.Politik was designed to offer insights primarily to corporations, governments, and academic institutions. However, as R.Politik has evolved, think tanks have emerged as a significant client base. A number of prestigious global think tanks now subscribe to our bulletin. This shift highlights the bulletin’s efficacy and underscores how R.Politik serves as a complementary resource rather than a competitor to these think tanks. We provide:

  • Unbiased information on Russian events and trends inside and surrounding Russia.
  • Exclusive insights derived from our long-standing expertise.
  • Foundational material for reports and studies.

In summary, we’ve become an invaluable resource for think tanks in drawing their own informed conclusions.

For Academia
R.Politik bulletins are a must-have for scholars, educators, and students focused on Russian political affairs. Key benefits include:

  • Enriching academic research and discussion through alternative perspectives.
  • A searchable archive for creating ‘case files’ on specific events or key players.
  • Integration into specialized course curricula to deepen subject matter relevance.

For Students
Aside from benefiting students specializing in Russian studies, the bulletins are a vital resource for those studying regional geopolitics, conflict resolution, and diplomacy. We offer:

  • Real-time insights into Russian politics.
  • Latest sociological data.
  • A list of recommended readings for comprehensive understanding.
Why Choose Us

Discover unparalleled insights into Russian politics with R.Politik’s bulletins—your gateway to unbiased, in-depth analysis available for open subscription. While other sources might be exclusive, biased, or overly abstract, we offer timely, nuanced perspectives essential for professionals. 


Our focus is on current events, meticulously detailed, and placed within a strategic context that you won’t find in traditional media.


Ideal for think tanks and academia, R.Politik’s bulletins frequently feature in key digests and reports. They serve as a touchstone for expert opinions on Russia’s domestic, foreign, and military affairs. 


Our exclusive analyses enrich public discourse on Russia’s geopolitical dynamics, guiding experts and enthusiasts alike. Our bulletins shape informed opinions, guide research, and help you stay ahead in the Russian political landscape.

Strategic Preparedness: Gain unparalleled insights to proactively navigate Russia’s volatile political landscape, preparing your business for both expected and unexpected turns.
Anticipate Black Swans: Understand the likely responses of key actors to unforeseen events, allowing your business to adapt rapidly to ‘black swan’ scenarios.
Unlock Decision-Making Processes: Peer behind the curtain of Russia’s governance, from the inner workings of the Kremlin to informal networks, equipping you with the knowledge to predict policy shifts.
Spotlight on Likely Political Outcomes: Receive focused analysis highlighting the most probable trajectories in Russian domestic policy, enabling strategic decision-making.

Key Advantages

Decipher Strategic Logic: Unravel the motivations behind Russia’s geopolitical strategies—from its stance on the West and pivot to the East, to potential military scenarios and peace options.
Map Key Power Centers: Identify and understand the key factions within the government, their resources, political networks, objectives, and capabilities—essential information for assessing policy risks.
Navigate the Information Labyrinth: Get a clear picture of the domestic situation, identifying ideological hardliners, their opponents, and the social and situational factors that influence the political environment.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

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