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Tatiana Stanovaya

Tatiana Stanovaya is the founder and head of R.Politik. An expert on Russian politics, she has worked for leading Moscow-based think tanks, writes regularly for international media and is regularly quoted by journalists around the world.

Her domestic policy expertise includes the Russian elite, the interaction between business and government, economic regulation, the lobbying industry, and decision-making processes at all levels. She also looks at Russian foreign policy, in particular the energy ties between former Soviet states and Western Europe, and the U.S.-Russia relationship.

Born in Moscow in 1978, Tatiana began doing political analysis work at university. In 1998, she was hired by steelmaker Severstal as an analyst, and then went on to join PR agency Tels-Media, which worked closely with Severstal. In 2003, she moved to the Centre for Political Technologies, one of Russia’s oldest and most respected think tanks, and was soon appointed to lead their analytical department. In this role, she liaised with foreign diplomats and senior Russian officials in the Presidential Administration, the government and at a regional level. She also worked with major business clients including Novatek, Sberbank and Avtovaz. During this time, she received her MA in public administration from Moscow State University. Since 2010, Tatiana has been living in France, where she continued her work for the Centre for Political Technologies. In March 2018, she set-up R.Politik, and, in June 2019, she joined Moscow Carnegie Center as a nonresident scholar.

Tatiana has been quoted in most major Russian news outlets and many leading media international outlets, including The Washington Post, The Guardian, NPR, Le Figaro, The Wall Street Journal, AFP, Reuters, and Foreign Policy.


Joshua R. Kroeker

Joshua R. Kroeker is an editor and analyst at R.Politik, focusing on both domestic Russian politics and Russian foreign policy. Joshua is an historian and political scientist, holdings degrees from the University of British Columbia in Canada, Heidelberg University in Germany and St Petersburg State University in Russia. Joshua has worked as a freelance analyst and consultant, speaks fluent English, German and Russian and his writing has been featured in a number of international publications.


Francis Kirk

Francis Kirk is a writer and editor at R.Politik. He holds a master’s degree in War Studies from King’s College London and has a strong interest in Russian history, which he developed over the course of several years spent living and working in Moscow. He is currently based in London.

Webnauts is a website design and management company. It was involved in the design and creation of R.Politik’s website and continues to provide development and support services.

R.Politik Interns:


Christian Basar

Christian Basar has been fascinated with studying Russia for almost a decade, earning his Master’s Degree in History from the University of Alberta in 2018. Christian’s main interests lie in Russian military history, religious history, and foreign policy, and he has especially focused on Russia’s memory of the Great Patriotic War and its military intervention in Syria. Being the host of the Historical Thoughts and Interpretations podcast as well as an avid traveler, Christian currently lives in Korea with his wife.


Constantin Mitschelen

Constantin Mitschelen is a volunteer who helps with editing, texting and translating at R.Politik. After receiving his BA in public administration, he worked for several years for a regional council. Based in Berlin, he is working in the federal office of a ruling party of the German government. He is currently pursuing an MA in political science. In addition to that, he is engaged with several boards and committees in the fields of foreign affairs and Eastern Europe.

R.Politik is a young project, but we are growing fast. We work together with experts, journalists, and academics. 

If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch.

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