Bulletin No. 8 (72) 2021


Bulletin No. 8 (72) 2021 

Table of contents 

Navalny Crisis Defused — For The Moment
    Moves By Both Sides
    Smaller Turnout, Less Police Violence
    Navalny Organisations Set For Extremist Status
    Navalny Halts His Hunger Strike
Independent Media In The Crosshairs

Putin’s Federal Assembly Address
    Social Handouts, Not Policy Overhaul
    Infrastructure And The Regions
    Foreign Policy
    The US And A Belarusian Plot

New US Sanctions Against Russia
    Russia’s Two-Pronged Reaction
    Bilateral Summit Preparations
    Sanctions On Russian Debt
    New Threats

In Brief
    (i) Poverty And Deripaska
    (ii) Anxiety And Social Networks
   (iii) Scientific Brain Drain – ‘Nothing Tragic’?




The next bulletin will be issued on 11 May 2021


Writing and analysis: Tatiana Stanovaya

Editing: Howard Amos, Felix Light


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