Bulletin No. 7 (93) 2022


Bulletin No. 7 (93) 2022 

Table of contents 

The Russia-Ukraine War
    Ahead Of A Massive New Assault
    Three Scenarios
    Factors In Favour Of Escalation
    Anti-War Factors
    Turchak vs. Peskov: Signal Of A Decisive Split

Peace Talks And The Russian Elite
    Diverging Positions
    What’s The Game?
    Abramovich’s Role

Erosion Of The Systemic Opposition
    The Communists
    In Search Of Zhirinovsky’s Successor
    Evolution Of The Russian Party System
    The Case Study Of Nevzorov

In Brief
(i) Sanctions’ Impact On The Labour Market
(ii) Patriotic Mobilisation



The next bulletin will be issued on 26 April 2022.


Writing and analysis: Tatiana Stanovaya 

Editing: Francis Kirk,  Aliide Naylor


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