Bulletin No. 6 (46) 2020

Bulletin No. 6 (46) 2020 

Table of contents 

Push-Pull Tactics In Putin-Erdogan Talks
Putin Shows Part Of His Hand
Mishustin’s Troubles & Attempts To Mobilise
     Dodging Contentious Issues
     Populism Where Possible
     Administrative ‘Dictatorship
New Institutional Amendments Boost Presidential Power
Ideological Amendments Entrench Traditional Values, Conservatism & Patriotism
     Traditional Values: God, Family, Marriage and Children
     Patriotic Values & Elite Nationalisation: Sovereignty, History & Memory
     Fragile Deal With Communists
How The Bill Will Be Enacted
Nemtsov March
In Brief 

    (i) More Russians getting their news from social networks
    (ii) Rosneft to play leading role in development of genetic engineering

R.Politik Recommends 

The next bulletin will be issued on 24 March.

Writing and analysis: Tatiana Stanovaya, Howard Amos

Editing: Howard Amos, Ben Tavener


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