Bulletin No. 5 (45) 2020

Bulletin No. 5 (45) 2020 

Table of contents 

Yukos Case: Moscow’s New Old Headache
Central Bank Sells Sberbank to Finance Ministry
    What’s The Deal? 
    Two Reasons Why 
Cybersecurity: FSB Infighting & Sberbank Competition
Surkov’s Offical Dismissal
    New Donbas Management Scheme Takes Shape 
    New Prime Minister For The DNR 
New Governor In Kaluga
Constitutional Reform: Challenges & Risks
    Issues With The Nationwide ‘Vote’ 
    One Bill Instead Of Seven 
    Bargain With The Systemic Opposition 
    Regime Disagreements 
    Non-Systemic Opposition – Three Initiatives 
Harsh Sentences For Left-Wing Activists Trigger Protests
    The Network Case Tests The Kremlin 
    What Are Putin’s Views? 
    Tacit Position Of The Presidential Administration 
    Systemic Opposition: First Attempts (In Years) To Raise Its Voice 
    Popular Protest 
In Brief 
    (i) Trust In Putin Continues To Fall 
    (ii) The Number Of Business Criminal Prosecution Has Been Growing 
R.Politik Recommends 

The next bulletin will be issued on 10 March.

Writing and analysis: Tatiana Stanovaya, Howard Amos

Editing: Howard Amos, Ben Tavener


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