Bulletin No. 4 (68) 2021


Bulletin No. 4 (68) 2021 

Table of contents 

Bleak Future For Russia-Europe Relations
    Russia And The European Council
    Russia And Europe On The Cusp Of Conflict
    Calling For Sanctions Soon To Be Illegal

New Head Of Pension Fund
    Replacement As Consolidation Looms
    Putin Forced To Concede On Pension Indexation

The Demand For Anti-Western Liberalism
    The Yavlinsky Article
    The Bogomolov Article

In Brief
    (i) Third Highest World Covid-19 Death Toll
    (ii) Negative Attitudes Over January Protests
    (iii) More Funds For Navalny, Independent Media




The next bulletin will be issued on 9 March 2021


Writing and analysis: Tatiana Stanovaya

Editing: Howard Amos, Ben Tavener


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