Bulletin No. 21 (85) 2021


Bulletin No. 21 (85) 2021 

Table of contents 

Kovalchuk Gets Vkontakte
    What’s The Deal?
    Now Come The Politics

New Head Of The Prison Service
    Torture As Pretext For Reshuffle
    Is The Interior Ministry Gaining Influence?

Bastrykin’s Landmark Speech
    Soviet Nostalgia And Sovietisation
    The ‘Rapper Issue’ Splits The Elite

Guarantees For Russia
    Why Now?
    Putin’s Red Lines And The Worst-Case Scenario
    Putin’s Best Case Scenario
    What If It’s Too Late?

In Brief
(i) Rising Concern About Freedom Of Speech
(ii) Pay Or You Can’t Leave Russia



The next bulletin will be issued on 21 December 2021.



Writing and analysis: Tatiana Stanovaya

Editing: Howard Amos, Francis Kirk


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