Bulletin No. 20 (84) 2021


Bulletin No. 20 (84) 2021 

Table of contents 

Belarus And Migration As a Political Tool
    How The Crisis Was Staged
    What Russia Wants
Defensive To Offensive In The Blink Of An Eye
Moscow’s Aims In Russia-Moldova Gas Spat

A New Head Of Rosnedra
    Merger Plans On Hold
    Rosgeology’s Increasing Vulnerability

QR-Codes: A Pivotal Moment In Anti-Covid Policy
    Mishustin Gets Stuck In
    Competition For Control Of The Media
    QR-Codes And Rising Social Discontent
    Communist Tricks And ‘Rashkin-Gate’

In Brief
(i) Boom In Venture Capitalism and IPOs
(ii) Social Networks



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Writing and analysis: Tatiana Stanovaya

Editing: Howard Amos, Felix Light


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