Bulletin No. 15 (123) 2023


Bulletin No. 15 (123) 2023 

Table of contents 

Regional Elections
    Key Features Of The Elections>
    Kremlin Priorities And The Khakassia Challenge
    Systemic Opposition
    Elections And The War

Prigozhin’s Death
    What Happened
    Putin’s Interest
    Political Reactions

Prigozhin’s Posthumous Legacy
    Business Empire
    Wagner’s Belarusian Camp
    Wagner In Africa And Syria

Russia And The World
    Putin-Erdogan Summit In Sochi
    The Jeddah Paradox

In Brief
(i) Russians And The War
(ii) Russians And Prigozhin


Appendix 1: Regional Legislature Elections*
Appendix 2: Governors’ Election Results


 The next bulletin will be issued on 26 September 2023



Writing and analysis: Tatiana Stanovaya, with participation of Aleksander Kynev (regional elections)

Editing: Francis Kirk,  Aliide Naylor


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