Bulletin No. 11 (29) 2019

Dear Readers,

We would like to present to you the next issue of the Bulletin No. 11 (29) 2019 «REALITY OF RUSSIAN POLITICS». 

Our bulletin now includes a new section, ‘R.Politik recommends’, in which we give you the links to the best recent articles and research about Russian politics.

Table of contents 

The agenda at the St. Petersburg International economic forum is dominated by law enforcement
What lies in store for Michael Calvey? 
The security services & economic growth 
The Kremlin looks trapped amid the outrage generated as A prominent journalist is arrested
Expectations are growing that Surkov will be dismissed
The Kozak-Kurchenko nexus & power transition in the Donbas 
The ‘Kadyrov problem’ resurfaces as Surkov’s position weakens 
The failure of Sergei Morozov in Astrakhan & the calculus behind his replacement
Headaches for Putin: falling approval ratings & a loss of control over flagship spending projects
To trust or not to trust 
The politics of the May Decrees 
In Brief 
    (i) The Russian economy: growth or stagnation?
    (i) Polls by the FSO may be being used against the FSB
R.Politik recommends 

The next bulletin will be issued on June 25, 2019

Writing and analysis: Tatiana Stanovaya

Editing: Howard Amos



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