Bulletin No. 10 (28) 2019

Dear Readers,

We would like to present to you the next issue of the Bulletin No. 10 (28) 2019 «REALITY OF RUSSIAN POLITICS». 

Our bulletin now includes a new section, ‘R.Politik recommends’, in which we give you the links to the best recent articles and research about Russian politics.

Table of contents 

U.S.-Russia relations: Pompeo visits Russia
Is a new START treaty a no-go?
Keep Ukraine out of it
Different factions in the Russian elite have different visions
Could Iran be a bargaining chip?
Unpicking Russia’s new energy security doctrine
Balancing LNG and pipeline gas
Lobbying for a lighter tax load
Threat assessment
New obligations for energy companies
The levers of Shoigu’s domestic political influence
Youth army
The network of crisis coordination centres
Patriotic education for society
The crisis at Kommersant reflects growing elite in-fighting
Protests in Yekaterinburg: a failure of political management?
Uncompromising developers
Governor Kuivashev could be on his way out
Are social unrest & anti-clericalism the new normal?
Putin is late to get involved — and indecisive
In Brief
An unexpected economic slowdown
Russian millennials are worried about corruption
R.Politik recommends

The next bulletin will be issued on June 11, 2019

Writing and analysis: Tatiana Stanovaya

Editing: Howard Amos



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