Bulletin No. 1 (41) 2020

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Table of contents 

Putin’s Shuttle Diplomacy: What’s at Stake for Moscow When Unpredictability Reigns?
    Soleimani Assassination: Problems & Opportunities For The Kremlin 
    Discussing Libya In Ankara: Exporting ‘Syria Success’? 
Why Putin Had To Concede on the Ukraine Gas Deal
The Kurchatov Institute’s Growing Intellectual Influence Over the Russian Leadership
    Forging a Political Role For Kurchatov’s Supervisory Board 
    Korolyov In, Kiriyenko Out: a Symbolic Swap 
The Abkhaz Crisis Is a Challenge for Moscow
In Brief 
    (i) Growing Might of Moscow 
    (ii) World Bank 2020 Forecasts 
   (iii) Putin’s Daughter Takes On New Responsibilities 
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The next bulletin will be issued on 28 January.

Writing and analysis: Tatiana Stanovaya, Howard Amos

Editing: Howard Amos, Ben Tavener


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