Analytical bulletin #5 (6) 2018

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Table of contents and short summary


Appointment of Dmitry Medvedev as Prime Minister

Dmitry Medvedev has been reappointed for a limited term of 3-4 years, after which a transfer elsewhere is anticipated. One of the options is the head of the united Supreme and Constitutional Court. The matter of the mergers of the courts could be settled in the near future. The relationship between Putin and Medvedev remains high on the list of intrigues in Russian domestic politics. The “Medvedev Problem” will likely be an eternal risk for the stability of Putin’s regime.

Along with the renewal of governmental structures has come a temporary capitulation on the part of Alexei Kudrin. His plans for the next three plans consist of reforming the Accounts Chamber of  the Russian Federation and the expansion of the political functions of this institution.


Key Members of the New Government

The reasoning behind the nomination of the deputy premiers of the Russian Federation. Inside the Cabinet of ministers, two key influential figures are emerging, Anton Siluanov and Dmitry Kozak. The influence of corporate special interest groups represented by state-owned corporations and private business that are on friendly terms with Putin (Sergei Chemezov and Arkady Rotenberg).


US Withdrawal from the Nuclear Deal: Moscow’s Tactic

The Kremlin is all aflutter following the disagreements between the US and France-Germany on the JCPOA. Moscow sees a window of opportunity to step up dialogue with Western Europe on more general matters of strategic security, and to take advantage of the limited influence of Washington on European business taking into account the practical application of the principle of extraterritoriality of the sanctions policy. The overall tactic entails a wait-and-see approach. As regards the deal itself, the ultimate mission would be to ensure that the JCPOA will be preserved, even without US participation.

In connection with the process of forming the Russian government and the recasting of the Presidential administration, the next issue of the analytical bulletin has been scheduled a week early, on 29 May instead of 5 June.



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