Analytical bulletin #16 (17) 2018

Dear Readers,

We would like to present to you the next issue of the Bulletin #16 (17) 2018 «REALITY OF RUSSIAN POLITICS».

Table of contents 


The Kerch incident – Putin’s motives and the Kremlin’s fears


Sergei Kiriyenko – growing political influence

The State Council – a government superstructure

The All-Russia People’s Front – how Volodin’s structure became Kiriyenko’s

The volunteer movement – converting a political threat into a political resource

Russian rappers sow discord in the elite

Anew governor from Kiriyenko’s team

Andrei Fursenko and the ‘science vertical’


Irritation to the relationship between Russia and the West

Paradoxical trends: the Kremlin protects rappers and Sokurov, but closes its eyes to the sentencing of Ponomaryov


  • People are getting concerned about Russia’s isolation and more positive toward the United States.
  • Controversial article 282 is being applied more selectively.

The next bulletin will be issued a day earlier than usual – on Dec. 24.




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