Analytical bulletin #13 (14) 2018

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We would like to present to you the next issue of the Bulletin #13 (14) 2018 «REALITY OF RUSSIAN POLITICS».

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Our analytical bulletin will now include a new INDICATORS section, providing a short snapshot of important socioeconomic data, as well as events reflecting potential future changes or trends. We hope this will make the whole picture richer and more complete.

Table of contents 


Orthodoxy Split: internal ideological conflicts within the Russian Orthodox Church, its relations with the State, and the vulnerability of Patriarch Kirill’s position.


The Magomedov Brothers. A deal with Transneft over Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port and the mysterious death of Russian Deputy Attorney General Saak Karapetyan.

New regional governors

The Republic of Bashkortostan. Who is Mr Khabirov?

Kursk Oblast. Why are we talking about Rotenberg’spersonalinfluence?


The exposure of Russian GRU agents and its potential political ramifications: who could replace GRU chief Igor Korobov, and growing competition in cybersecurity policy.

Political protests in Ingushetia: Was Sunzhensky District the price Yevkurovhad to pay for his approach toward the Salafists?


  • Preparations for Constitutional amendments.
  • Flight of foreign currency deposits – growing mistrust toward the state.
  • Deterioration of Russian living standards.
  • Growing investor concerns.
  • Putin’s ratings continue to slump.


The next bulletin will be issued on November 13.




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