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Main headlines:

Putin’s Interview With Tucker Carlson
Nadezhdin: An Unexpected Challenge
Yandex: Sold

Main headlines:

Il-76 Shot Down
Civil Service Reserve: A New Approach
The Confiscation Bill

Main headlines:

Heating Problems In The Moscow Region
Arrests In The FSB
Naked Party Politics

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Comment for Reuters

Britain’s new PM Truss draws scathing reaction from Moscow By Mark Trevelyan September 5, 20228:36 PM GMT+2 Tatiana Stanovaya, founder of the political analysis firm

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Comment for The New York Times

Russia’s Retreat in Ukraine Pokes Holes in Putin’s Projection of Force Russia’s military setbacks may be weakening President Vladimir V. Putin’s reputation at home as

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Comment for Al-Jazeera

Russia post-Putin: What happens if the president suddenly dies? PM Mishustin would become acting president and elections would be held, but experts say the substance

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