The drugs bought with Russia’s new tax on the rich

Source: Meduza

👮 (Opinion) Stanovaya says Putin has actually built a ‘de-personified regime,’ not a personal dictatorship

Challenging the popular wisdom about power today in Russia, political analyst Tatiana Stanovaya argues that Putin’s personal role in managing the state has eroded over the years, erasing his “manual control” leadership and even his centrality to the system as the essential arbiter. Obsessed with security, the president has transformed the state “into one giant FSB,” marginalizing himself in the process.

Thanks to Putin’s “conscious delegation” of his power, Russia’s justice system is now free to defy his stated policy preferences, even when it concerns sensitive issues like scholar Sergey Zuyev’s imprisonment or the continued persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Putin has pursued exactly this relationship because he wants a system that can function “outside politics,” says Stanovaya.


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