Russians lose taste for Trump but show little appetite for Biden

The unpredictable US president has failed to deliver on promises to Vladimir Putin

Trump’s erratic presidency has, however, limited the Kremlin’s foreign policy strategies, Greene said. “Russia does things that no one thinks it is going to — it goes into Georgia, it goes into Ukraine, it goes into Syria — it keeps people guessing as to what its intentions are.

“But when the other side is Trump, you have a counterparty who is at least as unpredictable as you are, which makes it much harder for Moscow to calculate its risks.”

Other Kremlin officials will root for Trump simply because he sows chaos in America, said Tatiana Stanovaya, a political analyst: “It doesn’t really matter that Russia can’t get anything out of Trump during talks. What’s important is that his contradictory and destructive policies make the US more exposed and fragile.”

Outside the Kremlin’s walls, most Russians are indifferent. Almost three out of four people said the result of Tuesday’s election is of no real significance to Moscow, according to the Levada Centre, an independent pollster. One in three didn’t even know the elections were taking place.



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