Russian forces arrive in Kazakhstan after president seeks help

Dozens reported killed in clashes between protesters and police while oil markets are unnerved by supply fears

The active joint action by the CSTO, which has a collective security provision, is the first since it was founded two decades ago. It was unclear how many troops might arrive in total. Armenia is dispatching 70 soldiers, while Tajikistan is sending 200, according to RIA news agency. They may remain in the country for about a month, Interfax reported, quoting the deputy head of the Russian parliament’s defence committee. Tatiana Stanovaya, founder of political consultancy R Politik, said the maximum participation from CSTO allies would reach no more than 3,500 troops. As for Russia, it had “decided to take part symbolically but [its forces] will be there primarily to protect infrastructure”, she added. “Russia does not want to get involved . . . It does not want to do the local government’s dirty work.”


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