Qaddafi’s Son Won’t Rule in Libya, Aide to ‘Putin’s Chef’ Says

  • Maxim Shugaley sees little hope for Saif Qaddafi in elections
  • Prigozhin ally who was held in Libyan jail speaks in interview

While Shugaley says he’s not involved in Wagner, the think tank he heads, the Foundation for the Protection of National Values, is sponsored by Prigozhin. And Shugaley’s willingness to discuss his activities in places ranging from Africa to Afghanistan marks a departure from a previous policy by Prigozhin and his lieutenants of keeping a low profile.

“For Prigozhin, his status as a defender of national interests is hugely important,” said Tatiana Stanovaya, founder of the Russian political consulting firm R.Politik. “He wants to demonstrate this to Putin.”



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