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R.Politik’s incisive analyses are your essential guide to navigating Russia’s complex political landscape. With our insights, you are better prepared to effectively calibrate your strategies in response to geopolitical and domestic risks. We go beyond surface-level observations to answer key questions, such as:

  • Is the regime solidifying or fragmenting internally?
  • How does the decision-making mechanism operate?
  • Which factions within the government are gaining or losing influence?

Evolving Landscape
We delve into transformative domestic elements like ideological shifts, the conservative tide, and the rise of hawkish factions. We aim to provide a holistic view of the changing landscape.

Assessing Social Risks
We assess a range of social risks including the likelihood of protests, prevailing public sentiment, and varying degrees of political support for authorities. Our insights offer you a nuanced understanding of social dynamics that could lead to conflict.
With R.Politik, you gain a multi-dimensional perspective that allows you to make well-informed decisions, manage risks, and seize opportunities in the Russian market.

Why Choose Us

R.Politics bulletin is an essential tool for businesses operating in or connected to Russian markets.


Unlike traditional consultancies that mainly focus on regulatory, legal, and economic policy updates, we provide a nuanced understanding of Russia’s complex political landscape. Time and time again, R.Politik’s predictions have proven true, underscoring our prescient analyses.


Our bulletins offer an unparalleled depth of understanding, giving you insider perspectives on the dynamics within Russia’s elite circles and administrative structures. This unique access to Russian-language sources enhances the comprehensiveness and reliability of our analysis.


To enhance readability and impact, we will be adding executive summaries to our in-depth pieces, summarizing key takeaways for businesses aiming to navigate Russia’s intricate geopolitical terrain.

Strategic Preparedness: Gain unparalleled insights to proactively navigate Russia’s volatile political landscape, preparing your business for both expected and unexpected turns.
Anticipate Black Swans: Understand the likely responses of key actors to unforeseen events, allowing your business to adapt rapidly to ‘black swan’ scenarios.
Unlock Decision-Making Processes: Peer behind the curtain of Russia’s governance, from the inner workings of the Kremlin to informal networks, equipping you with the knowledge to predict policy shifts.
Spotlight on Likely Political Outcomes: Receive focused analysis highlighting the most probable trajectories in Russian domestic policy, enabling strategic decision-making.

Key Advantages

Decipher Strategic Logic: Unravel the motivations behind Russia’s geopolitical strategies—from its stance on the West and pivot to the East, to potential military scenarios and peace options.
Map Key Power Centers: Identify and understand the key factions within the government, their resources, political networks, objectives, and capabilities—essential information for assessing policy risks.
Navigate the Information Labyrinth: Get a clear picture of the domestic situation, identifying ideological hardliners, their opponents, and the social and situational factors that influence the political environment.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

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