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Bulletin No. 11 (141) 2024

June 11, 2024
Strikes On Russian Territory: The New Reality; The Demotion Of Andrey Turchak; Tax Reform


Strikes On Russian Territory: The New Reality

  • Factors Driving Escalation

  • Western Engagement And Its Limitations

  • Russia's Reaction


The Demotion Of Andrey Turchak

  • Who Is Andrey Turchak?

  • What Happened?


Tax Reform

  • Why Is Russia Raising Taxes?

  • Timing And Changes

  • The Reaction Of The Business Community

In Brief

  • Zelensky's Trust Issue

  • Russia And China



Brief presentation

Strikes On Russian Territory: The New Reality.

With the ongoing Russian offensive in the Kharkiv region and Ukraine’s challenges in maintaining its front line without substantial external support, the West finds itself reassessing its strategic options. We explore the factors leading to escalation, their limitations, and the strategic calculations made by Russia.

The Demotion Of Andrey Turchak.

President Putin has effectively demoted Andrey Turchak, a key figure in the United Russia party, by appointing him as the governor of one of Russia’s poorest regions. We delve into the factors leading to this outcome and its connections to the ongoing war.

Tax Reform.

Following the elections, the Kremlin has initiated a tax increase on corporations and households, a development spurred by the war in Ukraine entering a phase of attrition. We look at the primary aspects of the tax reform, the reaction from the business elites, and the political repercussions that follow.

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