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Established in 2018 by Tatiana Stanovaya, R.Politik is dedicated to delivering unerringly objective and analytical insights into Russian politics for discerning professionals.

Our operations are solely sustained by our subscriber community, ensuring our independence from grants, government funding, or any contributions with potential political biases.

While we welcome all subscribers, our editorial independence is sacrosanct — no external influence can dictate our topic selection, analytical nuances, tone, or content. This unwavering integrity is at the core of our operations.

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Is to present a lucid understanding of major political trends and the motivations of principal actors.

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Policymakers & Diplomats

Policymakers & Diplomats

R.Politik's analysis is a critical asset for policymakers, facilitating well-informed decisions rooted in a nuanced grasp of complex situations.

Our insights enable proactive strategy, assisting decision-makers in anticipating and responding to evolving international scenarios with precision.

Our bulletins serve as exclusive dossiers on Russian politics, offering a consolidated narrative rarely seen in mainstream outlets. Amidst today's information clutter, we provide a focused lens to understand underlying geopolitical dynamics. Neutral in stance and devoid of ideological bias, we distinguish between public rhetoric and actual intent.

Business & Finance

Business & Finance

R.Politik's Bulletin is an essential tool for businesses operating in or connected to Russian markets.

Unlike traditional consultancies that mainly focus on regulatory, legal, and economic policy updates, we provide a nuanced understanding of Russia's complex political landscape. Time and time again, R.Politik’s predictions have proven true, underscoring our prescient analyses.

Think Tanks & Academia

Think Tanks & Academia

Ideal for think tanks and academia, R.Politik’s Bulletins frequently feature in key digests and reports.

They serve as a touchstone for expert opinions on Russia's domestic, foreign, and military affairs. Our exclusive analyses enrich public discourse on Russia's geopolitical dynamics, guiding experts and enthusiasts alike. Our bulletins shape informed opinions, guide research, and help you stay ahead in the Russian political landscape.

The R.Politik's Bulletins are indispensable tools for NGOs, especially those focusing on conflict dynamics and human rights issues related to Russia.


The R.Politik's bulletins are indispensable tools for NGOs, especially those focusing on conflict dynamics and human rights issues related to Russia.

These bulletins offer a nuanced understanding of various conflicts, shedding light on the plight of the most vulnerable groups and highlighting the emergence of new at-risk communities. By dissecting societal attitudes and Kremlin-backed narratives, our bulletins equip NGOs with more persuasive arguments for their advocacy efforts.

What we do


The Bulletin

Our premium product offers in-depth insight into Russian politics, covering both current developments and longer-term trends.

Ideal for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of Russian politics and wanting exclusive insights into decision-making, trends, interactions, and the logic behind them.

All subscribers to The Bulletin will gain complimentary access to the R.Politik Weekly Digest, ensuring they remain updated with both in-depth and weekly snapshots of Russian politics.


The Digest

A concise weekly summary that highlights key events, offering clarity on their significance and context. While not as extensive as The Bulletin, it distils crucial details into a concise format.

The Digest is tailored for those who need quick, clear summaries of the latest developments in a brief and unbiased manner.

In the media


Russians Who Fled Abroad Return in Boost for Putin’s War Economy

May 02, 2024

The comeback stories are actively used in propaganda as a confirmation of “Russophobia” in the West, said Tatiana Stanovaya, founder of the political consultancy R.Politik and a senior fellow at the Carnegie Russia Eurasia Center. For Putin, this matters, because “it fuels him, gives him additional evidence that he was right,” she said.

By Bloomberg News

Deputy defense minister arrested on corruption charges

April 26, 2024

This will likely be a blow to Shoigu, who, according to analysts, has managed to shore up his position after the failures of the initial full-scale invasion. “Over the past 6-12 months, Shoigu has recovered his position in Putin’s eyes and moved noticeably closer to him, successfully managing the flow of information that the president receives about military matters,” said political expert Tatiana Stanovaya. Now, Shoigu faces the distraction of ensuring he is not saddled with a stranger as his new deputy.


Arrest of Russian defence minister's deputy may be strike by rival 'clan'

April 26, 2024

The clans - alliances of like-minded officials or business people - centre around the military, the intelligence and law enforcement agencies, the military-industrial complex and also include a group of people from President Vladimir Putin's native St Petersburg who have known him personally for many years. "Someone in the elite didn't like the fact that Shoigu had grown stronger," Tatiana Stanovaya, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Russia Eurasia Center, told Reuters. "This doesn't comes from Putin, but from people who are close to Putin who think that Shoigu has overplayed his hand. It's simply a battle against someone and a ministry that has got too powerful and an attempt to balance the situation."

Andrew Osborn