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The Reality of Russian Politics


R. Politik is an independent analysis project on contemporary Russian politics.

Our mission is to explain Russian politics to an international English-language audience who are in need of neutral, in-depth, and well-informed analyses of one of the world’s biggest and most important countries. Whether you are an analyst, academic, diplomat or executive, we want R.Politik to be your essential guide to navigating Russia’s business and political environments. With no ties to the Russian government, our reliable, source-based insights strive to shed new light on all aspects of domestic and foreign policy — from Kremlin infighting, power games in Syria, Africa or Ukraine, or complex patronage networks inside the country.

Tatiana Stanovaya

R.Politik was founded in 2018 by Tatiana Stanovaya as a platform to shed much needed light on the inner workings of Russian foreign and domestic politics. Our analysis focuses on elite infighting, the mechanisms of decision-making at the federal and regional levels, and explaining the logic behind key political firings and appointments.

The name ‘R.Politik’ was chosen to exemplify our engagement with political reality, rather than lazy speculation or polemics. Our name is also a reference to Realpolitik: like the German political tradition, our analyses strive to be free of ideology and personal prejudice.

We are a fiercely independent organisation and do not  advocate for any individuals within the Russian political establishment. We do not pass judgement — our sole aim is to explain and provide exlusive information on Russian politics.

Comment for Reuters

Britain’s new PM Truss draws scathing reaction from Moscow By Mark Trevelyan September 5, 20228:36 PM GMT+2 Tatiana Stanovaya, founder of the political analysis firm

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Comment for The New York Times

Russia’s Retreat in Ukraine Pokes Holes in Putin’s Projection of Force Russia’s military setbacks may be weakening President Vladimir V. Putin’s reputation at home as

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Comment for Al-Jazeera

Russia post-Putin: What happens if the president suddenly dies? PM Mishustin would become acting president and elections would be held, but experts say the substance

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The bulletin is our flagship product. It looks in detail at recent developments in Russian politics, long-term trends and who is up and who is down. It is issued every second and fourth Tuesday of the month to our subscribers.

Main headlines:

Russia Suspends New START Treaty
Putin’s Address And The Domestic Situation
The Chinese Peace Initiative

Main headlines:

New Escalation Expected
Prigozhin’s Star Dims
Adapting The Budget For War

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